Tuesday Track/Hill Training Sessions

*** COVID 19 Update 26th March ***

In  line with government instructions on social distancing, all of our group training sessions are suspended. However we will continue to send out detailed session information via email to members. That way you can train once a day effectively, however for your safety and others please pick your time and place well to avoid contact with others.

*** Run safely and responsibly and keep others safe ***

Alternatively check out our Thursday sessions here!

Hill Training:
Meet at the club at 18:50, leave at 19:00, Secondary meet point is listed below at the hill or a Richmond Park gate.

Track Training:

We use both Osterley and Barn Elms Tracks

Barn Elms: Meet at club at 18:50 leave at 19:00, Secondary meet at track at 19:20 for Drills, session at 19:30

Osterley Track: Meet at track (Piccadilly to Osterley) Drills at 19:10, session at 19:30.


5k pace – based on your recent 5km time
Hard – about 1 mile pace on flat (or similar effort)

Active = Keep moving to keep warm
Easy = light jog, keeping good form
Walk = WALK
Rest = stopping to recover

We are trying some standard training notation for track, basic format is:

reps x distance (pace) [rest/recovery]

Each month will see a repeat of similar sessions. Progression will be achieved with adjustments to speed, time and/or recovery.

If you are new to Hill/Track sessions or are tapering for a race, reduce the number of reps by 1 or 2.