W4H Winter Handicap #5 February

Well done to everyone who ran at the Winter Handicap last night, with standout performances from Florian “oh i am injured and going to take it easy” and came in first place, and “angelic” Steve who somehow ran the course in 22 minutes 22 seconds setting a new new course PB 🙂

Thanks to Jane R and Jane W for helping out.

We only have one more Winter handicap and then it’s going to be sunshine every month. It is getting quite interesting ….. It looks as though Steve could do the double (which I understand has never been done before). However, if he cannot run in March (or improve on his position), and either Jane or Florian came in first place then they could score 9 overall to win the trophy.

All very exciting! Hope to see lots of you at the next one on Thursday 7th March

Sarah, Andy and Sophie



W4H Winter handicap #4 January

Well done to everyone that came out on such a cold night.

We’ve now had the 4th race for the season out of 6, and it’s starting to get interesting. Both Jane W and Jason have already done 4 races and therefore can only reduce their score. Steve Woolley who did a ridiculously fast time tonight has completed 3, and Jen has a nice low score but needs another 2 races to qualify.

The next handicap will be on Thursday 1st Feb.

Hope to see you all then.

Sophie, Andy & Sarah (your handicap team)





W4H: Winter handicap #3 December

Dear W4H,

Not a very nice night to be out last night, so I want to say a HUGE thank you to Anna B, Kevin and Sophie who came to help out.

We ended up with just 4 runners that were brave enough, but the good news is they all came first in their age categories. Florian came in first place well under his handicap.

We are halfway through the competition, and Jane, Jason and Florian all just need one more run to qualify for the trophy, and Steve W 2 more. For those that have only done one race so far you can still qualify if you run Jan, Feb and March 🙂

Below are results from last night and the overall scores.

The next handicap will be Thursday 4th January 2024, and hope to see a few more of you there

Your Handicap Team.

Overall standings



W4H Winter handicap #2: November

Hi West 4

Well done to everyone that ran last night and congratulations to Jen who came in 1st nearly a minute under her handicap, and Alex Veres and Yan just behind. Thank you to all those that came out to help marshal – Jo N, Kevin, Jane R and Tom.

Hope to see everyone next month on Thursday 7th December

Your handicap team (Sophie, Andy & Sarah)


W4H Winter Handicap #1: October

Hi West 4,

Well done to all those that ran last night and Duncan who came in first place well under his handicap 🙂

We nearly had more turn up to support and marshal which we really appreciate, so a massive thank you to Jane R, Pete, Jen, Kevin and Laura for helping us ensure no one got lost

After the race we went to the ship where Andy presented the Summer handicap shield to Steve Woolley who won it last month.

The next handicap will be Thursday 2nd November, so mark your diaries now

See you then if not before

Andy, Sophie & Sarah