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Prospective members are urged to come and try a few runs with us before committing to joining. If you do join, the annual fee is a mere £35. If you wish to race as a “West 4 Harrier” and be part of an affiliated club, the annual fee becomes £52. This additional £17 fee goes to England Athletics, who will issue you with your own EA number entitling you to a discount of £2 on most race entry fees and at some running stores.

If you are ready to join, click here and fill in your details. We will complete your application and contact you by email when a payment request will be sent to you.

Please note:

When you become a member of or renew your membership with West 4 Harriers you can also choose to be registered as a member of England Athletics (you will have to register with England Athletics if you ever compete for the club in competition Under UKA Rules). If you choose to join England Athletics on (on the next page) we will provide England Athletics with your personal data which they will use to enable access to an online portal for you (called myAthletics). England Athletics will contact you to invite you to sign into and update your MyAthletics portal (which, amongst other things, allows you to set and amend your privacy settings). If you have any questions about the continuing privacy of your personal data when it is shared with England Athletics, please contact

If you do not choose to join England Athletics and then decide to compete in a race under UKA rules for the club, we will need to register you with England Athletics and we will inform you at that time.