Thursday Handicap Race

On the first Thursday of each month, the club hold a race in which faster runners are “handicapped” by a delayed start compared to the other runners.

The idea is that it equals out abilities and all things being equal (and calculations going well), all runners should cross the finish line at about the same time!

What really happens is those who are running well or have improved their fitness since the previous month finish slightly ahead. Therefore, it’s a great event for anyone new to running!

Results latest info and all Simon’s stats are here.

Please let us know if you want to run the handicap for the first time, we need to be able to work out a start time for you!

Summer months (April-September) the event is run on a 3 mile “P ” shaped course on the Towpath near Chiswick Bridge.

Here is a map of the route, plus a link to mapometer


Winter months (October-March) the event is run on a 4 mile out and back course starting and finishing on Chiswick Bridge and mostly lit by streetlights. The 1 and 3 mile points are in the same place as you under the bridge in either direction. The 2 mile point is where you do a U turn on the bridge