Tuesday Track/Hill Training Sessions

Note: Chiswick Cricket Club changing rooms are no longer available, however we are able to use the toilets.

Track:  Meet time is at 18:45 at Barn Elms or 18:30 Osterley track

Hills:  The meet up time is 18:45, at the hill location on the schedule below and will be in the email detail sent out before hand.

*** Run safely and responsibly and keep others safe ***

Alternatively check out our Thursday sessions here!


5k pace – based on your recent 5km time
Hard – about 1 mile pace on flat (or similar effort)

Active = Keep moving to keep warm
Easy = light jog, keeping good form
Walk = WALK
Rest = stopping to recover

Each month will see a repeat of similar sessions. Progression will be achieved with adjustments to speed, time and/or recovery.

If you are new to Hill/Track sessions or are tapering for a race, reduce the number of reps by 1 or 2.